Lovely 2.0 Vibrating App Run Cockring - Wild Green

Lovely 2.0 Vibrating App Run Cockring - Wild Green


Rave reviews from GQ, Forbes, Allure, Engadget, Huffington Post and MORE!

Lovely 2.0 is a vibrating ring with Desire-Sensing technology and app that learns what you and your partner enjoy in bed to give you personalized, sex-related Inspirations to satisfy your partner and yourself even more.

Lovely is a wearable and app, available at the best possible price. Lovely is made from 100% body safe silicone and is super adjustable. Wear Lovely during sex and after sex, share your feedback and desires in the app. Your Lovely will then put together a highly personalized set of sex-related ideas and suggestions. Try the Lovely tips next time and elevate your sex life. We ship Lovely anywhere in the world for free.

The Lovely app lets you explores desires based on your feedback and data from Lovely sensors. Its available for free for both Android and iOS devices. And as a bonus, it even tells you how many calories you burnt during sex - not that's a fun way to exercise!

  • Desire-Sensing technology learns what you enjoy in sex and inspires you to enjoy sex even more.
  • Free app for Android and iOS: receive personalized sex inspirations to your smartphone after sex
  • Discover new and exciting positions, stimulation techniques and more
  • Talk more about sex: practice and advance your erotic communication skills
  • Control your Lovely 2.0 remotely from anywhere in the world
  • 8 rumbly vibration patterns
  • Get a stronger and longer lasting erection, heightened sensitivity, and intensified orgasms from cock ring use
  • Depending on body type and position, vibrations can stimulate the testicles, perineum, or clitoris of the wearer or their partner
  • Learn how many calories you burned during sex
  • Body-safe silky smooth silicone; waterproof; wireless charging; 2 hour battery life, 60 days stand-by time

In The Box

  • 1 Lovely device
  • 1 Qi compatible Wireless Charger
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 User Manual

About Lovely

People from all around the world irrespective of their sexual orientation, relationship status, or ethnicity enjoy sex: we want to make it even better for them.

We want to provide a simple solution for everyone to know how to have great sex because its an acquired skill. Just like you need to learn how to ride a bike, or drive a car, or to ski jump (why not?), you need to know how to have great sex. In most occasions when you want to learn something, you have access to resources from other people, organizations or even governments. But when it comes to sex, even your parents often neglect the topic because they're ashamed or not sure on how to approach the topic not to mention the stigmas, taboos, and stereotypes that are usually attached to sex and human sexuality. Hence, we want to use technology and knowledge to better sex lives.

Lovely is supported by top sexologists and sex educators around the globe who firmly believe that our tips that are personalized to each couple based on their desires and needs can improve peoples sex lives.

Lovely Facts

  • A study found 75% of couples report increased sexual satisfaction after using Lovely 2.0 for 4 weeks.
  • Won 2019 Innovative Sex Toy of the Year for Technology

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Product Details

  • Made By: Lovely
  • Box Dimensions:
  • Length: 6.25 in.
  • Width: 3.30 in.
  • Depth:3.00 in.
  • Manufacturer Code: LY01

Lovely 2.0 Vibrating App Run Cockring - Wild Green $139.99
Lovely 2.0 Vibrating App Run Cockring - Wild Green $139.99
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