Mystim Cluster Buster Wireless E-stim Starter Kit


Mystim Cluster Buster Wireless E-stim Starter Kit


The Mystim Cluster Buster comes with a stylish storage box, a remote control, a receiver, a bi-polar electrode and a user manual. The device is "only" supplied with a receiver, but can control an unlimited number of receivers, the "Mystim Sultry Subs". This means that in the future with only one device an unlimited number of electrosex toys can be controlled. These toys can be grouped into a total of 8 channels, each of these channels is completely separate from each other and can stimulate in its own program and intensity. Of course, all Mystim accessories, like our penis and testicle loops, our dildos, The Cluster Buster not only has 12 electro-stimulation programs, but also 5 muscle stimulation programs, perfect for stimulating the pelvic floor intensively and effectively. The clear display and the buttons are backlit and guarantee good visibility even in darker rooms. Another feature? The new "shock button". When activated, the device will give its maximum intensity until the button is released. Both the device itself and the receivers are powered by a high-quality lithium ion battery, which guarantees a standby time of up to 12 months. Of course, the right charging cable is already included in the starter set.

Scope of Delivery:

  • frequency 5 - 70 Hz
  • Intensity 0 - 70 mA
  • Dimensions Cluster Buster (L) 127 x (B) 55,7 x (H) 21,6 mm, Sultry Sub 60 mm x (H) 22,5 mm
  • Weight Cluster Buster 102 g, Sultry Sub 31 g
  • Battery Polymer Ionen Akku - 3,7 V / 260 mAh
  • 8 channels - 10 intensity levels - 12 stimulation programs
  • 5 training programs (e.g. for the pelvic floor) intensity, pulse width and pulse rate are arbitrary for the user the device can be preset and the switches can be locked extra large display for a perfect readability in every situation Simultaneous control of an unlimited number of toys included in delivery 1 Mystim Cluster Buster (remote control) 1 Mystim Sultry Sub (receiver) 1 cable 1 bipolar self-adhesive electrode 1 double USB charging cable 1 operating instructions 1 elegant box

24 months manufacturer warranty

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Product Details

  • Made By: Mystim
  • Manufacturer Code: MY46020

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Mystim Cluster Buster Wireless E-stim Starter Kit $199.17
Mystim Cluster Buster Wireless E-stim Starter Kit $199.17
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